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About Sheetal Panchal

I am PCOD warrior and a mom. My weight gain was the reason behind my PCOD condition. I was uncomfortable with this fact and did not agree to give in. Being diagnosed with hormonal imbalance, did not dampen my spirits. I read about it, fought it and welcomed my daughter into this world. With my baby in my hand, I took up certifications to become a health and fitness coach to help others in their struggles of leading a comfortable daily lifestyle.

Studying nutrition, fitness and human behaviour gave me lot of insight. Further perusal into health & mental fitness topics also made me realise that every individual is different. I picked up issues and theories one at a time and made them work together. Every chapter of learning taught me that everybody, every case, every client requires an individualised approach.

This gave birth to tailor made plans and having a customised approach for every person as per their individual goals unlike a readymade generalised plan. I see it working wonders since the last 3 years of my coaching journey.

I believe in prioritising yourself; your physical and mental health is the best version of yourself that you can offer to your family, your friends and to your work life. I assist people in understanding their personal needs, making adaptations or suggest add ons so as to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Sheetal Panchal, Nutrition Coach

National Academy of Sports Medicine certified


Why Choose Us

Our Plans

Diet plans & Exercise regime

  • - Nutrition plans tailored as per client’s life style and needs.
  • - Home based or Gym based work out chart
  • - Weekly check ins and progress monitoring. Revisions if needed to better performance
  • - Continuous chat support
Three Months Six Months One Year
Individual Plans Rs. 10000/- Rs. 18500/- Rs. 36000/-
Buddy Programs Rs. 18500/- Rs. 36000/- Rs. 65000/-

We also offers group packages. Be it a group of friends, a team preparing toward achieve fitness goals or corporate looking out for programs for their employees.

Group programs include:
  • - Health Screening
  • - Webinar on good health
  • - Diet consultations
  • - Exercise sessions
  • - Doctor support where needed
  • - Meditation and yoga sessions

To know about similar or such packages please feel free to drop a mail to mrstransformer.sheetal@gmail.com

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It is my mission and passion to help you achieve a life of vibrant health and wellbeing!

How to get started?

• If you’re interested in any of my programs, fill up the form or connect to book first FREE consultation with me.

• In this consultation, I will understand your goals and lifestyle and share feedback on your current lifestyle and give you a rough strategy of working towards a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

• We necessarily connect every week; take stock of the progress through vital stats.

• Thereafter, if you’re further keen to enrol for the program, a detailed form will need to be filled which will help me form your customised diet and workout charts.

• We connect again and go through the charts and plan achieving these manageable set goals.

• And lastly you begin your program, this is the Day 1 of the plan for the period you have signed up.

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